Strait of Messina

November 12, 2022

Left Corfu this morning and sailed straight across the Ionian Sea and around the Italian 'boot' and through the Strait of Messina separating Italy from Sicily. Today was a day at sea and a day for relaxing and catching up. I was able to post a few blog entries but only able to update a few pictures. I have a lot of pictures and they will tell more of our visit than a short blog. Together with a lot of lounging and walking around the ship, Alesa and Laura went to a cooking demonstration and High tea while Steve exercised and I did a lot of walking around the ship. I tracked my walk around the ship on the Promenade deck but walking a lap around a moving ship just shows up as a straight line. We all went to dinner in the World Cafe for 'A Taste of Greece", played trivia time and attended a magic and comedy show. We passed through the two mile wide Strait with a pilot after dark and then by Stromboli Island but, the volcano was not active so we didn't see much