May 16, 2023

Had my back surgery yesterday. Luckily it was at 7:30 in the morning and we were back home around 12:30. Everything went well. The surgery was to remove synovial cysts from both sides of the spine in L3-4 to relieve pressure on the nerves The surgeon said there was more scar tissue than he expected and he cleared that as well and was happy with the results. Still a little leg pain plus pain at the incisions which looks like six vertical holes They injected a 72-hour pain medicine at the procedure so we will see. Slept well last night and the bit of pain I had felt different, more like a recovery-from-a long-time-pinched-nerve pain. May be just wishful thinking but there is hope. Alesa and I were very happy with the Orlando Health South Lake Hospital in Claremont, everyone was so helpful and friendly. Very informative visits with all the major providers (Doctor, Anesthesiologist and Neurologist) with what was going to happen and the Doctor meeting with Alesa after surgery. Nurse Ratched (Alesa) just changed my dressing and everything looked fine. She took a picture for me to see but I won't share. I have been golfing for the last few weeks but remained in the cart, maybe one or two exits to stand behind the drivers to help track the ball.