March 20, 2024

Alesa fell off her bike a few weeks ago and bruised some ribs so we are taking it slow while she is on the mend. Received a call from a friend (Joe) in the Netherlands to say he was talking to mutual friend (Chad) in California who just had a visit from a third mutual friend (George & Char) from Erie who was staying the winter in Chandler, AZ. They didn't know we had moved to AZ, so we called, and they were just a few miles away, so they came right over, and we had a great visit. We also went to dinner with them a few days later before they headed home to PA. Also received a call from my stepcousin (Larry) to say his neighbor and my high school classmate was visiting his son just a few miles from us so we had a visit and lunch with them (Ken and Jan) at the Slate here in Trilogy at the golf course. I also bought a 3D printer and have been experimenting with it. Printed a number of items, mostly toys and statues. Did print a couple of charging mounts for our Fitbit watches which are proving very practical. I continue my search for some more 'practical' applications.