Warm Weather Coming

January 27, 2024

Took a nice bike ride today around our extended blocks for over 9 miles and over an hour. Rode down Power with a beautiful view of San Tan Mountain to Bashas grocery where the Food Network is filming the ‘Supermarket Steakout’ this weekend, then across Chandler Heights along pastures with cows, steers, horses, llamas (or alpacas) and goats. The goats had a couple of large trampolines in their pen, but we didn’t wait around to see how they used them as we were too busy dodging horse droppings on the sidewalk. Then up Higley by the water replenishment ponds behind Jeff’s house, along Queen creek wash, along the outside of the fence around our neighborhood and golf course to home. The weather has been cold but is beginning to warm a bit during the day. We had one or two nights barely below freezing and a lot of rain considering we live in the desert. We had the tree cut down and the stump ground in our front yard as it overpowered the small yard and was overhanging the roof. It was a Tipu tree which is very brittle, and we were concerned that limbs would break and damage the roof. It also had little ‘helicopter’ seeds making quite a mess. The other day we drove out to A&P Nursery to start to decide what to replace the tree with, probably a cactus. On the way it was odd to have to wait for a horse and rider to cross the street after the light changed and we were making a right-hand turn. I bought a small potted Golden Saguaro for my office for a desert feel. Finally received my Arizona license plate and registration today. Ordered and installed a unit yesterday which allows us to open and close the garage door with our phones as well as to see whether it is open or closed. Installed vertical blinds on the back sliding doors for nighttime privacy and daytime heat control. Have film to install on the bedroom windows in the back to control the heat. Not sure when I’ll get around to installing them. Took Jeff and family to our neighborhood bingo last Sunday night, nobody won but everyone had a good time, even Bailey and Bridget. Had a couple of cysts removed from my back at the outpatient clinic at the Phoenix VA hospital. Can’t use the hot tub at the gym for another week. Very pleased with the care I am receiving in the VA system here. Don’t like driving into Phoenix for care but the traffic isn’t bad if I go later in the day and Alesa goes with me for now so I can use the HOV lanes. Most of my care is done at the Gilbert VA clinic just 4 miles away. I am already scheduled for an eye exam, a physical therapy evaluation for my back, a dental checkup and cleaning, and a hearing test.