Trip Log

May 3, 2007

We arrived in Erie on Sunday afternoon and registered at Sara's campground at the entrance to the peninsula below Waldermeer.  We have a site right on the lake.  We step out of our trailer onto the beach.  It is great, a little cool and windy but it is a wonderful site.  We spent two nights and w

April 28, 2007

We left Exton yesterday morning on our way to Corry, Pa.   We are settled into Harecreek campground.  It's been raining for a week so we are parked on the road with long connections to the services to avoid the quagmires the sites have become.  Ronda and Denny are camped next to us.  They are her

April 8, 2007

We are back in our house but not home yet.  It will take some getting used to.  We are comfortable in bedroom #4 and Jeff, Danielle and family are doing everything to make us feel at home.  We have taken the trailer to a friend's house (Scott Taylor) and will be visiting on a regular basis to add

April 6, 2007

We arrived back home at about 10:30 this morning.  We left Charleston yesterday at about 10 and came home via route 81.  Traffic was not too bad but the trucks jammed all the rest areas and when it started to snow we spent a few hours sleeping at the Wal Mart supercenter in Martinsburg, WV.    We

April 4, 2007

Today we toured the Charleston Tea Plantation on Wadmalaw island.  This is the only tea grower in North America and they showed us how to grow and process tea.  It was a very interesting and informative tour.  The grounds were very nice.   We are back at the campground eating a late lunch.  I wil

April 3, 2007

Today we went to Patriots Point just across the river and toured the Yorktown (aircraft carrier),  the Laffey (destroyer), the Ingham (CG cutter), the Clamagore (submarine) and a mock up of a Navy Vietnam base camp.  The visit to the Laffey was especially poignant to me because my Uncle Eddie Bau

April 3, 2007

Today we toured downtown Charleston.  It is a very beautiful city with tons of things to do.  The neighborhoods are pretty with many shops, a riverwalk park and even an outdoor market.   Alesa found a "Lowcountry" cooking class to attend that afternoon and had a great time while I continued to ro

April 3, 2007

We arrived at Oak Plantation on Sunday afternoon and got settled.  We don't have a sewer connection so we are showering in the bathhouses.  It will be a good test of how long we can go before having to dump the holding tanks.  Today we were part of the great snow bird migration.  I-95 through Geo

April 1, 2007

Yesterday be biked Hanna park and walked the beach with Jeff & Sharon Pruner.  Today we are packing up and leaving Pecan Park.  We should arrive at Oak Plantation RV Park in Charleston, SC by 4 this afternoon.   

March 30, 2007

Last night we had dinner with Mary (Sis) Hartwell at her home just south of Jacksonville.  Jimmy is out of town on business until Sunday night so we will not get to see him on this trip.   We had a great visit with Sis last night and caught up on the families as well as friends from both Erie &am