Trip Log

August 25, 2007

We toured the local mountains and canyons before golfing this afternoon at the Old Works course in Anaconda.  The course is on the site of an old copper smelting works and was designed by Jack Nicklaus.  It is very beautiful and the sand traps are black because they used the tailings from the sme

August 24, 2007

We went past Yellowstone Park and up into the mountains.  Through Bozeman, across the Continental Divide, through Butte to the Fairmont RV Park in Anaconda.  We will stay here for a few days and see what the area has to offer.  We drove back into Butte to tour the city and do some shopping.  With

August 23, 2007

We followed the Yellowstone River on I-94 then I-90 to Reed Point, a small town about 50 miles west of Billings.  We are in the foothills and are going to Butte tomorrow so we should reach the mountains.  We can see the Beartooth Range from here.  Travelled over 300 miles today and have no TV rec

August 22, 2007

Today was another very good day.  It met all three of the top criteria for a great day. 1-Alesa was happy, 2-Alesa was happy and, most importantly, 3-Alesa was happy.  We went to the T. R.

August 21, 2007

Today we golfed 18 holes at the Heart River Golf Club and then toured Dickinson.   The course was very nice, wide open like the rest of the prairie.  We stopped at the Dinosaur museum but just toured the outside.

August 20, 2007

We left Bismarck at about noon after talking with a retired Air Force couple from Florida for about an hour exchanging stories and tips.  We were only going about 100 miles today and spent another hour talking with a Canadian couple at a rest stop on the way.  We crossed the Missouri river (where

August 19, 2007

Yesterday we mounted our new TV in the RV and it traveled well today.  We went through Fargo and are now settled in Bismarck.  The large sunflower and amber wheat fields we passed through were a colorful change of pace from the green corn, soybean and sugar beet fields.  We visited with my Uncle

August 18, 2007

I spoke with Uncle Bill this morning in Bismarck and he will be expecting our visit on Sunday or Monday.  It has been lightly raining most of the day but has just stopped and I see carts returning to the course. 

August 17, 2007

We drove to the top of the hills behind Duluth and were treated to a grand overview of the city, the bay and the western end of Lake Superior.  We then continued to weave and dodge around the 15,000 lakes in Minnesota.  We crossed the Mississippi in Brainerd and then settled into the Forest Hills

August 16, 2007

We went north to Marquette and Lake Superior.   I was told it is called that because that is how it feels when compared to the other lakes.  We then drove west through the iron ranges, into central time and then into Wisconsin.  We are now at the Top o' the Morn RV Park in Iron Lake, Wisconsin ab