Trip Log

May 23, 2007

Today was a rainy, cold, overcast day so we postponed the visit to Mesa Verde until better weather.  We are going to stay here a couple of extra days to visit and rest.  Last night and today the temperature never got above 40 but the heater and fireplace kept us toasty.  We drove to Durango and w

May 22, 2007

We left Holbrook looking to an 80 degree sunny day and arrived at Mesa Verde to snow in the air and 40 degrees. On the way back from the hot tub tonight we looked up to the mesa and it was white on top because the trees were covered in wet snow.

May 21, 2007

Today we drove about 25 miles northeast of Holbrook to the Painted Desert and then drove south to the Petrified Forest which is part of the same park.  It is unbelievable how much the petrified logs look like real wood.  Tomorrow we will be leaving Holbrook and moving to the Mesa Verde RV Park in

May 20, 2007

We had planned on taking the Navajo trail into Colorado but since we had done that with the kids years ago, we decided to take a short trip and visit the Petrified Forest tomorrow.  So we packed up the trailer and moved to the OK RV Park in Holbrook, AZ just 85 miles away.  We took I-40 and somet

May 20, 2007

We got up early (for us) and went up Rt 180 to the Grand Canyon.  The mountains were very scenic and there was even snow on some of them near the Arizona Snow Bowl ski resort.  We parked the truck and hiked and rode natural gas busses around.   We saw Elk, both dead and alive, as well as Californ

May 20, 2007

We decided to take a day trip to the Grand Canyon rather than dragging the trailer up there.  Our spot at Mund's was reserved by someone else so, rather than moving to a different spot, we moved to a new park in Flagstaff which was closer to the canyon and on our future route.  Since the move was

May 17, 2007

Today we took a back road to Sedona.  It was the best way to get our first view of the town.  We wound down from the high mountain forest on precipitous roads through red canyons with beautiful views of the town and the surrounding countryside.  It has got to be one of, if not the most beautiful

May 16, 2007

We checked into Munds Park at about noon today and after we set up we went into Flagstaff about 15 miles north on I-17.   Flagstaff is a great mountain city (7,000 ft.) and ski and college town.  It was created by the railroads in the late 1800s and a large freight train goes throught every 10 mi

May 16, 2007

This morning we headed toward Phoenix.  I wanted to spend some time visiting there but I-10 and I-17 snaked through most of the town so we saw what we wanted.  We stopped at the Pioneer RV park just north of Phoenix and could have come back but did not want to deal with the traffic.  As a matter

May 14, 2007

Starting with a leisurely morning where we had a chance to catch up with finances and financial planning, we were off to the Saguaro National Park west of Tucson. On the way we went by the Old Tucson movie studio in the desert where they have filmed many movies.